Is Blackberry Priv Providing an Ease on its Keyboard?

blackberry-priv-irlThe BlackBerry Priv, has been considered cool and you are paying more than 699 U.S dollars in the United States for a mobile and its main feature is its slide-out keyboard. It is considered a big cheat when there are a number of inexpensive and cheaper touch mobile phones have more powerful features. It is important that a number of issues are still there with the keyboard. It seems very short and slim and considered that it is not the perfect keyboard ever made by the BlackBerry. It also has a design of a large 5.4 inch mobile phone that is generating some specific problems. It looks too tall in extended mode when you use it on any occasion and it prevents banging against nearest objects.

It is important that the autocorrect software often fails at the time of using physical keyboard and it leaves the correct deceptions. But it everything is working fine then speed doesn’t matter because it is not too much faster compared to the touch screen keyboard, so it frees up the space of screen. There is one satisfactory element about flicking out the keyboard to dash off a message and to wake the phone. So, hiding the keyboard software is considered excellent for chat apps. The support for keyboard motion is incompatible but overall it is too useful. So, you will not prefer to get BlackBerry Priv and you will feel more comfortable on moving to Android smart-phones if you have ever experienced with BlackBerry Priv.

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