A Bigger and Better Hudl is on the way

Tesco Hudl 2 review (2)-578-80Tesco Hudl is on the way and ready to hit the market in the next few days. The Hudl is considered better and bigger with the lowest price of £119 that is comparatively lower than the other mobiles available in the note market of the world. The Hudl is facing tough competition from Nexus 7 in the market. Some of the reviews indicate that Hudl is looking better than the Nexus 7 by some features launching in it.

Hudl 1 and Hudl 2 are looking excellent in the market. The company first launched Hudl 1 that attracted thousands of tablet lovers all over the world. Hudl 2 is consider much more exciting than the Hudl one and hopefully will attract more tablet lovers from all over the world. There are some exciting things that make it better and attractive for others like price of the tablet. The price of Hudl 2 is £129 but offering discount for £65 in the market. That’s the reason; numbers of people are waiting for Hudl 2. The tablet is being launched on October 9 in US markets initially. The tablet will be available in the other markets of the world.

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