Apple will present its advanced New iPad Air 4 on 13th October 2020

Apple will present its advanced New iPad Air 4 on 13th October 2020Apple is ready to introduce its latest and advanced new iPad Air 4 with the best performance. The new device will be powered by the recently launched Apple A14 Bionic Processor. A regular tech leaker, @UniverseIce went on Twitter and shared the results of a device labeled as the ‘iPad13,2’, it is actually the latest iPad Air for 2020. The Geekbench scores are listed as 1,583 for single-core and 4,198 for multi-core performance. It has been considered a considerable amount of rising from the 1,112 single-core and 2,832 multi-core scores logged by the iPad Air 3 with the A12 Bionic chip inside it. Apple has already affirmed up to a 40% performance boost over the previous model.

The A12Z Bionic chip powers the current iPad Pros scores fairly lower in the single-core stakes with 1,118 and fairly higher in the multi-core tests with 4,564. It clearly indicates the powerful demonstration of the new 2020 iPad Air model. The leaks show the presence of a similar A14 Bionic Chip running the iPad Air 4 also inside the upcoming iPhone 12 smartphone. Point to be noted that the current iPhone 11 models also come with the A13 Bionic chip inside, which registers Geekbench scores of 1,327 for single-core and 3,286 for multi-core. It is much better compared to the iPad Air 3, but the new iPhones should still offer a significant amount of increase in performance over the previous models.

It is noteworthy that we’ve already experienced some benchmarks that are supposed regarding the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It was also reported in the leaks that the new devices are ready to present with a tweaked version of the A14 Bionic processor and it is fairly different from the one inside the iPad Air 4. Apple has confirmed that the iPad Air 4 will go on sale before mid-October 2020. Most tech experts believe the new iPad model will be available sooner rather than later. Some leaks have indicated that the new iPhone 12 will be announced on 13th October 2020 and suggested the expected announcement for the new iPad Air 4.

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