Apple will launch New iPhone X 2018 with a Boost in Power

iPhone X of AppleNew iPhone X for 2018 from Apple with speed performance has been announced. It will have more RAM and the new A12 processor for a significant amount of boost in power. Apple might have started testing its new iPhone X for the expected launching in September 2018. Geekbench pointed out the scores for the new iPhone and the new handset X has outstripped the current iPhone X and making the fastest iPhone ever from Apple. The current iPhone X has 3GB of RAM, but the new handset will have 4GB of RAM. It will have an ARM 2.49 GHz processor as compared to current A11 Bionic chip 2.39 GHz. Some believe that new processor might be the new A12. The new version will also have a boost in the cache from 32KB to 128KB.

Point to be noted that the leaked score points to the device as the iPhone 11, 2. It might be a development to the iPhone X but mentioned 2 could be the second version of the handset. Previous leaks have indicated that there might be 3 new models of iPhone X during the current year. It is important that the performance of a single-core ARM processor is 10% faster as compared to the current iPhone X and its multi-core is 5% faster. It has been suggested that it will be budget friendly as compared to the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone X. It will offer an amazing boost in performance with indicating a move of Apple to enhance battery performance for its new iPhones, instead of targeting processing power.

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