Apple will develop 5G-Powered iPhones in Collaboration with Intel

Apple will develop 5G-Powered iPhones in Collaboration with IntelApple has reportedly been working with Intel to integrate the modems of 5G chip makers into its future iPhones. The Cupertino has also been in discussion with Qualcomm, but these discussions have been considered limited. As most of us know that Qualcomm has a superior 5G modem with advanced features, but some reports have indicated that Apple engineers consider that the technology of Intel will significantly satisfy most requirements for a future iPhone. The reports also mentioned that Intel has a large number of engineers working on the improvement of its 5G chipset. Most market experts and analysts have predicted that Intel will present its latest modem around 2019 or 2020. The news came just in the middle of ongoing controversy between Qualcomm and Apple. The controversy started after the allegation of Apple that Qualcomm was charging billion in sovereignty fees for technology without doing anything.

Qualcomm filed lawsuits when Apple stopped payment royalty fees. This unfortunate ongoing battle generated reports that Apple is seeking to lessen its reliance on Qualcomm. Apple had started manufacturing its own chipsets, but just for modems and now Apple might be looking at Intel. Most tech experts believe that adding things up with Apple will be more favorable for Qualcomm. A bid of at least 105 billion U.S dollars has been taken over by the largest chip maker from Broadcom. It is important that Qualcomm had rejected this bid and claimed it undervalued the company.  The CEO of Qualcomm Steve Mollenkopf said in a statement that the company is confident on its abilities in creating a significant amount of additional value for our stock-holders. He added that the company will continue its growth in these attractive portions.

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