Apple Secretly Investing & Developing its own Micro-LED Screens

Apple Secretly Investing & Developing its own Micro-LED ScreensApple silently brought-in a company “LuxVue” during 2014. The company was working on the display technology of low-power Micro-LED. Bloomberg reported that this technology is in a continuous development process. Apple is providing a considerable amount of investment for this new technology in order to include them in devices such as Apple Watch and iPhone during next few years. The new Micro-LED tech doesn’t need a backlight as being used in OLED within the Apple Watch and current iPhone X. it would efficiently provide much better contrast with using a fewer amount of power. Samsung also planning to reveal its “The Wall” modular television in August 2018 manufactured with Micro-LED. Rumor claimed that last year Apple manufactured its first Micro-LED prototype Apple Watch and considered first one in introducing this new technology.

The engineers are working on a design and production project “T159”. It is reportedly being done inside a massive manufacturing facility in Santa Clara. The manufacturer is developing next-generation Micro-LED screens at its undiscovered plant in California. The report has indicated that the company had made a massive investment for this project. The project “T159” is being supervised by the iPhone and Apple Watch screen technology in-charge, Lynn Youngs. The Micro-LED screens have flat panel displays in making gadgets thinner and brighter by using fewer amount of power as compared to current available OLED displays. Bloomberg also reported that the company is currently designing chips for its mobile devices. It has been considered an aggressive move into displays and it could shake screen manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics Co, LG Display Co, Sharp Corp, and Japan Display Inc.

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