Apple has the Ability to Find out iPhone Snatchers

iPhone SnatchersA lot of work has been done by Apple in order to stop robbery or snatching iPhone via the “Find my iPhone” features & encryption methods. These features lock iPhone after specific defined attempts of incorrect code or fingerprint by the users. It has been considered more practical, determining by a recent distinct application. It applies a method of Capturing Biometric Information for Identifying Unauthorized Users, such as audio, video or fingerprint. The information might be sent or stored on a server and the information can be used by police to find out that who snatched your iPhone device. This system is very simple because there is a front camera, microphone and Touch ID Sensor available. It simply needs to be switched on without alarming the robber.

There is a scheme by which the server could capture biometric data after a single failure of incorrect code attempt. In another scheme, it store data after pre-defined number of bad attempt. In other methods it can verify using audio, video and fingerprint, but there is an extraordinary feature, it can save and transmit specific information such a GPS location. These features might be more helpful for concerning authorities. But, Apple understands more than any other company about the drawbacks of storing data without noticing users. But, it is still fun to speculate about copyright and the technology wouldn’t often make it into real products. It has yet to be approved by the USPTO. But, Apple still has the ability to track robbers around the world without involving in the copyright dispute.

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