Amazon Fire TV : A Review

Amazon Fire TV boxThe big black box of the Amazon media steamer is much familiar with the Apple TV. The difference between both is the size. The black box of Amazon kit is larger and thin than that of Apple that does not make any difference. I always forget about is once I plug it in. at the front of the Amazon Fire TV box, there is a white LED that provides the alerts. I cannot expect the Amazon Fire TV as a decoration or showpiece that is used for entertainment. It does its job by blending into background as it is not a hardware story to talk about.

Amazon is bringing too many products to my home. The settings of Amazon fire TV is just like a fun. We find many a video tutorial, when we plugged it in by providing my Wi-Fi password. This simple and productive video tutorial describes its different features that make it number one choice for user. The most important thing in this video tutorial is that you cannot miss or skip it from your Amazon TV starter as it is compulsory. Don’t worry it will not take too much time. It is simple and as essential as I think and with watching this tutorial you may operate it but not efficiently.

Amazon Fire TV
Therefore we recommend you to watch this tutorial carefully and understand the things as much as you can. The tutorial teaches us how we can use it via our Wi-Fi and how it is different from other TVs online. The interface of the Amazon Fire TV looks like the interface of Kindle Fire tablet, if anyone used it before. It’s not enough to say that interface of Amazon Fire TV is just like the interface of Kindle Fire as it have hundreds of extra features that make it more different and productive for users. It is just an example and does not make these equal according to functionality.Amazon fire tv

To make Amazon Fire TV reviews user friendly and so simple, the developers at Amazon have provided an easiest interface you will find categories at the left side of the interface and the content of interface on right side. The interface of Amazon Fire TV is not light and bright like many other Fire TV interfaces of the world. The interface is dark that shows the thing s better than any other interface. The designers and developers have worked on its interface with the total commitment and devotion. The interface is so easy and user friendly as it is so easy to navigate anything required by user in its dark and understated interface of Fire TV.Amazon Fire tv set-top box

Its hardware is so productive and durable and cannot be compared with the other interfaces of the world. You will not need any kind of couch to learn the inter face of the Fire TV when its tutorial is there. The video tutorial is designed in the way that it provides complete couching for the beginners to experts. It means it also decrease your operating cost as you don’t have to hire a couch to learn and operate it. Moreover numbers of video tutorials are already available at internet to learn and couch Amazon Fire TV interface. Netflix is one of the most viewed online TV and most of the people in the world like this for their favorite dramas, movies and for other sports. The Amazon Fire TV provides specific apps that help user to connect with your favor online TV like Netflix, Crakle, ESPN, Hulu etc. the apps are almost similar to the Apple and Roku TV.

Amazon Fire TV BoxAll that apps are compatible with the interface of Fire TV right now, but we cannot give the guarantee for their future use and compatibility. The apps must have to be changed, replaced or updated according to ongoing circumstances in the IT World. There is no any option to watch TV live and you have to install apps to watch specific movies, dramas and different programs of your choice at Fire TV. One of the most demanded TV channel of the people HBO can also be accessed by installing an app in the Fire TV. All of these things make Fire TV one of the most demanded TV in the world. You can access the content directly from Amazon to watch and upload that you like most. You need to get a permission to start these services from Amazon.

Amazon FireWith the Kindle Fire Tablet one can access the X-Ray features that allow you to know what are you going to watch, but it is only possible when I have Kindle fire Tablet. You can use it as second screen devices, if you like to play games with Fire TV device. The cloud player music Amazon launching soon in the near future will be able to track the playback and load of games as well as scrolling lyrics. It will also describe the other important facts about the music or track playing on the track. It works like Apple TV where I can upload images that allow user to see them instantly on their TV. The same feature is available with Amazon Fire TV Now. They look same by the features, functionalities and interface that is so simply and user friendly.

 images (1)Unfortunately, we have to face lots bouncing while watching any drama serial, movie or song with Netflix, Hulu Plus etc. Amazon is trying to control it and new technique are under review for this issue and hopefully developers will find the solution for this problem as well and a user will be able to watch everything without any disturbance and interruption on Fire TV. The “Feed” is the recent technique introduced by Amazon to solve this problem but much need work on the part of Amazon developers to solve this problem permanently, otherwise people will not take time to replace you with your competitors in the market. The basic wireless remote is used to communicate with box via Bluetooth. This communication does not take time to create effective connection between you and your desired program.Amazon FireThe wireless remote is just like a simple TV remote with the different buttons of play, pause, forward, rewind etc. the Amazon voice search function is the most attractive and exciting feature in the wireless remote of Fire TV. The button for voice search can be seen at the top of the remote that provide search facility for users. The universal voice search facility is so better than any other voice search on internet; therefore I appreciate this search included in the remote. We can see effective results by the universal voice search by using this option on the remote of Fire TV. One thing that you must keep in the mind about universal voice search is that you cannot use universal voice search while you are already in the app and operating something else. You will have to close or at least you will have to come out of the interface of that app to go through voice search through remote of Fire TV. Amazon is planning to integrate more apps and functions with universal voice search that will make it more effective and productive for users.

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