Amazing Universal Smart Remote from Sevenhugs

Universal remoteThe new “Sevenhugs Smart Remote” is not just controls your TV, but has the ability to control your Nest thermostat, your Sony speakers, your Philips HUE lights and at least 25 thousand different connectable devices. This new Remote has powerful infrared, an open API and internal position sensors, so you can also order an Uber by pointing at your front door. It is important that Sevenhugs had launched its kick-starter Smart Remote in the month of November 2016. It had more than 6 thousand backers after just one month and earned more than one million U.S dollars in funding. The tiny handheld of Sevenhugs had promised to be smartest remote to control everything.

It has 3.53 inch screen to perform functions, such as your Samsung Smart TV, it will enable you to scroll through your subscribed list of channels. You can turn your lamp on & off or change color of your Philips HUE lamp. This new remote has the ability to use WiFi, Infrared and Bluetooth to connect with a number of home entertainment and gadgets. The amazing feature comes with motion tracking with indoor position sensors. It will enable you to track your entire devices throughout your home. You just need to map those sensors for specific functionality by using the Sevenhugs app. You will be able to perform targeted operations by pointing your remote at it. You can also place one at your front door in order to map it to Uber and the open API of Sevenhugs will bring up a special car-ordering display.

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