Amazing New 360 Camera Module for Smart-Phones

Amazing New 360 Camera Module for Smart-PhonesIn the month of December 2016, a Chinese company released the first two smart-phones in the world with a built-in 360 degree camera “ProTruly”. The HT Optical has indicated that it might no longer be the case with next release. The Wuhan-based company has been considered the module supplier for 360 degree camera, not just for ProTruly but also for Xiaomi due to its recently presented Mi Sphere Camera. The Vice President of HT Optical, Shu Junfeng has indicated some of its features. He said that it will be much smaller 360 degree camera module and can easily fit into a 7.6mm thicker smart-phone. It has the capability to capture 16 megapixels still images and it has been considered a massive jump from the 4.5 megapixel resolution of Insta360 Air Dongle.

This device looks more like a traditional smart-phone such as iPhone 7 Plus is 7.3mm thick and 158.2mm. The lenses of this amazing phone module also add 1mm extra in its overall thickness. It means that camera might be less frustration during phone calls or when we are picking in our pockets. Shu further indicated that it will have 16 megapixel 360 degrees with the ability to capture still images using new camera module. It amazingly produce sharp image using such a tiny module. He added that its lenses will feature an efficient scratch resistant coating to protect its surface. The other camera makers such as Olympus, Sony and HT Optical have dabbled with other types of products, which showed a significant amount of decline in the compact digital camera market.

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