Amazing Full-Frame Mirror-Less Camera of Nikon

Amazing Full-Frame Mirror-Less Camera of NikonThe Nikon has been constant with mirror-less cameras, but it might be an understatement. Most of its rivals have grasped mirror-less even a cautious company such as Canon takes them seriously. The efforts of Nikon have been timid at best and the 1 series is closer to point-and-shoots in spirit than a DSLR replacement. The R&D manager of the company Tetsuro Goto said in an interview with Xitek company that any new Nikon mirror-less camera will be full-frame. He added that the President of the company has already said that a mirror-less camera is in progress and it is clear that this upcoming model will come with a giant sensor as expected. Goto also claimed that competitors like Sony, Fujifilm, and Olympus don’t really cater to pro photographers with their mirror-less cams, and Nikon will fulfill that role.

He added that there is not any professional using their products. We would strongly disagree with that statement as Sony A9 is very clearly aimed at pros, but it’s correct that most mirror-less cameras are aimed at enthusiasts and others who don’t rely on photography as their main source of income. Goto didn’t mention about its specifics. Nikon has patented 2 full-frame lenses, including a close-up 36mm f/1.2 and, an ultra-bright 52mm f/0.9. So, it will at least provide you an idea of what to expect. Nikon needs a high-quality glass for portraits and other shots that pros like to take. It might not be cheaper, but it may scratch the itch for serious photographers who don’t need to lug around a giant DSLR.

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