The Amazing Features by Pictar SLR-Style Camera for Many iPhones

pictar01-edThere are a number of accessories that convert iPhones into excellent cameras. But, here is the perfect one and the others are very hard to use. The Miggo took important step as it is well known for its SLR accessories such as 90 U.S dollars Retro-Styled camera grip. It was also known the Pictar and it enables the iPhone 4, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus to sort the physical controls by just joining with nuts over. You can’t find Lightning connector or Bluetooth transmitter in it, but it can communicate using ultrasound with iPhone and it has been considered a perfect approach. Every type of action such as capturing a photo, tweaking your ISO and zooming are bounded with a unique high-frequency tone.

After the installation of the Pictar app, the iPhone acknowledge those tones and performs the desired action. The technical team indicated that the combination of noiseless sound and an algorithm that identifies the iPhone to listen. It enables an excellent shooting experience. The Pictar provides an amazing job of replicating the manual controls for a proper SLR. The Pictar has two-stage shutter button and three physical dials including a zoom ring at the front & under the shutter button, an exposure compensation wheel and a dial to select-scene for switching between Landscape & Sports mode. The Pictar has a lightweight grip and the fans of proper cameras have the ability to rapidly control layout. The app of Pictar randomly prompts to hear the tone for telltale of grip.

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