Amazing Features of New Full HD Laser Projector of LG

Amazing Features of New Full HD Laser Projector of LGA compact laser projector has been presented by LG and it has the ability to attract a lot of viewers, but it depends on the price. Full HD at 1080p resolution and 2,000 lumens of brightness are the most powerful features of LG Pro-Beam Laser Projector. These powerful features make it a practical home theater. The Laser system provides a sharp and perfect picture with maintenance-free light source. It is light weight of just 4.6 pounds and table-friendly. It makes LG Pro-Beam portable & easy to use in sized office or room. The appealing projector of LG Pro-Beam has the ability to transmit audio to any Bluetooth speaker due to its Sound Sync Adjustment technology. There is no need of any wiring and it supports wireless mirroring using Mira-cast.

It would allow you to project movie from your own smart-phone, so it will provide a handsome support to set up in small room or apartment. You can also use it easily for streaming TV shows on a camping trip. LG Pro-Beam has four corner and auto keystone features to setting up things easily and quickly. You can also use it as a regular TV instead of projector because it comes with WebOS Smart TV platform of LG with Magic remote. It would provide an ease to access Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or iPlayer of BBC in the UK. So, LG Pro-Beam Projector has been considered a nice option, but it depends on the price and the estimated price should be under 1,000 U.S dollars.

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