Amazing Features of “The Lighthouse” Home Security Camera

Amazing Features of “The Lighthouse” Home Security CameraNow, the security cameras are getting more advanced and appealing to the people. For example, The Lighthouse as this device backed by an advanced accelerator developed by co-founder of Android, Andy Rubin. It can analyze and find out who entered the house and who was at home. It can also categorize whether it was a human or a family pet (cat or dog). So, you may know who took the dog for a walk. You can only ask its related app to show the latest video it captured of your dog. When The Verge got it for a spin, the team of Lighthouse presented how it can respond to your voice commands and questions. The setup of The Lighthouse is composed of an RGB camera having ability to capture 1080p videos including night vision feature, a microphone, a speaker, a 3D sensor and a siren.

The device also has the ability of face recognition such as Netatmo Welcome uses in combination with Geo-fencing for identifying every person living in your house by confirming their identity. It uses 3D-sensing technology to characterize between people and other objects. You can also direct the device to alert you whenever when any important or unusual event happens. For instance, you can ask device to let you know if it doesn’t find kids by 4PM on weekdays while you are away. It can detect an unknown presence at an unexpected time then it sends a notification to you. This camera is now available for pre-order including the Intelligence AI Service of the company, but its shipping might be started in the month of September 2017.

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