Amazing Features of LEICA CL Camera Announced

Amazing Features of LEICA CL Camera AnnouncedMost of us know that info about a new LEICA camera was leaked during current year. Previous info had indicated that this new camera would be compact and it accepts L-mount lenses and its code name was “Clooney”. Now, you will find more information such as it is a rangefinder type camera including a built-in viewfinder. It has a touch-screen with advanced menus and attractive manual controls. It has a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor and Maestro II image processor and it is similar to previous LEICA TL2 revealed during this summer. It efficiently works with any L-mount lenses of LEICA, so you can swap lenses with new camera, but you should have a TL or TL2. There is also a new addition in the lens family and it is an 18-mm prime.

It can join the other LEICA L lenses and provides 3 zooms and 3 primes, and can work efficiently with any camera in the L series. It is basically close to the LEICA X2 as it was a fixed-lens mirror-less compact camera released by the company in 2012. If you need the size and construction of X2, but prefer the interchangeable lenses, then CL would be a perfect option. It has been considered expensive as its just body costs 2,795 U.S dollars, but it can provide you a perfect range of capabilities for efficient work. The LEICA CL is like a little box and its top & bottom panels are black anodized aluminum. There is a control array on the top of the body with 2 thumb wheels having a button in the center. Its default setting sets the left button to select your scene mode and right button sets your ISO. We can say the new shooter would be an attractive choice to more professionals.

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