Amazing Battery-Powered Mini-Beam Lineup Projectors of LG

Projectors of LGLG has recently announced its two latest portable and battery-powered projectors. These projectors can be operated wonderfully free of any power cables, video or audio. These two new models of Mini-beam lineup of LG will be presented next month in Berlin at IFA 2016 and then retailers will be able to get it in the United States. First one is the PH450G, it is advanced version of PH450U with built-in TV tuner. LG claimed that it is the brightest battery-powered with short-throw projectors at 450 lumens. This projector needs only 13-inches of distance in order to put up 80-inch screen and it can originally be setup sideways to display an image on any type of horizontal surface.

It would be more perfect if you want to project some trippy visuals at your house in a dance party. LG has estimated that users will be able to get at least 2.5 hours of screen time with the internal battery. Its estimated price is $650 and it will be available in the month of September 2016. The second version of Mini-beam lineup is PH150G and it will be available at an estimated price of $350. It is important that this low-cost model needs extra amount of space to work and it can display 100-inch screen. It also has the battery life of 2.5 hours with its short-throw sibling. Both models will be presented with wireless mirroring from a tablet or smart-phone. These models have the ability to stream audio out to Bluetooth headphones or portable speakers.

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