More Advanced Super-Zoom Camera ZS70 Announced by Panasonic

More Advanced Super-Zoom Camera ZS70 Announced by PanasonicThere was a time when point & shoot cameras hadn’t most perfect results. They weren’t more convenient as a smart-phone, more powerful as a mirror-less cam or DSLR. There are a number of areas where they are still taking precedence because they can efficiently include long-zoom lenses in small sized bodies and take selfies as it is more difficult or impossible using your mobile phone. Panasonic has been considered one of the most perfect ones in making the most of those benefits. The Company has just presented the Lumix ZS70 (latest version of ZS60) and it fills up more into its compact frame. Now, it has 20.3-megapixel sensor upgraded from 18-megapixel.

The Lumix ZS70 has a long-range 24-720mm equivalent lens and a flip-out 3-inch touch-screen. If you need a high quality selfie, you will be able to take a high-quality selfie with new 4K mode without stopping your ability to shoot long distance subjects. It has the ability to shoot 4K video at 30fps and it takes 8MP photos at the same speed. You will find fast autofocus RAW capture that confirms a lock-on at 0.1 seconds and a bunch of advanced camera tricks, for example after-shot focus selection, creative filters and a beauty mode. You can also share photographs using WiFi for entire major instagram posts. You will pay a reasonable amount in getting super-zoom cameras. It is expected that ZS70 will be available at the end of May 2017 with a reasonable price of 450 U.S dollars.

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