4K Webcams for Windows 10 and the Xbox from Microsoft

4K webcams for Windows 10 and the XboxThe recent move of Microsoft into the webcam market might present a much better result. Some reports have suggested that various models are currently in the pipeline. Most of them could offer compatibility with Windows 10 and the Xbox One consoles. Thurrot.com reported that these webcams will have integrated Windows Hello functionality. So you will be able to use the devices to sign in with your face on any computer running Windows 10.

It is noteworthy that the feature has only been available on the webcams built into Microsoft’s range of Surface computers. You’d also be able to sign into your account on an Xbox One just by moving in front of the camera. Something that hasn’t been possible since Microsoft shuttered the Kinect program. Apparently one or more of the cameras will offer a 4K resolution too.

There isn’t much detail about the launching date of these devices, but we know that the business-focused Surface Hub 2 comes with a webcam attachment, so the new tech might be developed along similar lines. And Microsoft continues to launch new hardware with the Surface branding, so it makes sense for the company to edge its way into the webcam category as well.

A couple of days ago Surface boss Panos Panay insisted that Microsoft’s hardware program was only going to get bigger and more ambitious from this point on. We’ll have to wait and see what the New Year brings in terms of new products, but if you want up the resolution on your Skype calls to friends and family, or sign in to your Xbox One with your face, you might soon get the chance.

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