2 New Latest Models of LG with New Flagship Display of Apple

2 New Latest Models of LG with New Flagship Display of AppleIf you want more larger and real screen than 15 inches of Retina display, and looking for new MacBook Pro line of Apple then LG has presented a real match for you. The Apple has discontinued its own place of Thunderbolt Display with the LG 27 inch Ultra-Fine 5K and 21.5 inch Ultra-Fine 4K displays. These new models are stepping up as the new inventions of the sharp new screen for MacBook Pro with limited port variety. The major advantage for the selling point of view is that both models have the ability to charge your new MagSafe-less laptop over the same connection of Thunderbolt3 in order to provide data, video and audio. These new models have three USB-C ports at the back led Phil Schiller to present them as “The Ultimate Docking Station” during the presentation.

Both models also have an additional Face-Time-Ready camera and a setup of microphone with built-in speakers. If we talk about their pixel level, the 27 inch model has 5120X2880 5K resolution with 218 Pixel/ Inch, but the 21.5 inch model has 4096X2304 4K resolution with 219 Pixel/ Inch. There is another advantage with Thunderbolt3 that you can also adjust settings such as screen brightness and speaker volume without using any separate cable or specific buttons on the monitor. The 27 inch model will cost you at $1,299.95 and the 21.5 inch model will be available for you at $699.95. It is important that currently only 21.5 inch model will be available for pre-order, but it would be delivered to you at the end of November 2016 or maybe in the first quarter of December 2016.

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