2 Million Sony PSVR Units have been sold in just 1 year

2 Million Sony PSVR Units have Been Sold in Just 1 yearThe PlayStation 4 of Sony has shown its continuous and remarkable sale and reached selling at 70 million sales of its consoles. It shouldn’t be considered a huge surprise given its market trajectory, moving past 60 million systems in the month of June 2017 and at least 50 million one year ago. It is important that cheaper Xbox One S and supercharged Xbox One X of Microsoft released in the month of November, but it hasn’t noticeably eliminated the sale of Sony’s console. But more appealing is news about the PSVR was that it has moved more than 2 million units since its launch in 2016. The launched device was considered a cheaper mid-grade option between top-tier desktop computer systems like Oculus VR ($400) or HTC Vive ($600) and far cheaper smart-phone-based units such as Daydream of Google or Gear VR of Samsung.

Point to be noted that PSVR relies on the PS4 and remarkably powerful PS4 Pro, and Sony has sold 1 million headset units till the month of June. The analysts have indicated that the PSVR took at least 50% of the million VR units sold in the third quarter of 2017. It was beating out the 21% share of Oculus Rift and 16% cut the HTC Vive. Today’s news about PSVR has indicated that it’s dedication to move a not-insignificant number of units for a $350-plus-additions device. But, it is still leading a tier market. We have already pointed out about the one-year anniversary of PSVR as it has sold at least 10 million games for its system. But, it still has to release a killer must-have game to bring more than a fraction of the tens of millions of PS4 owners to takeover.

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