Will the Tobacco Vaporizer of Philip Morris be approved by FDA?

Will the Tobacco Vaporizer of Philip Morris be approved by FDA?On Tuesday 6th December 2016, the maker of Marlboro cigarettes “Philip Morris” has submitted an application to the FDA and looking for its approval regarding new tobacco vaporizer. The Company named it iQOS devices and it works according to the mechanism similar to Pax. The ground plant matter is often heated until efficiently active ingredients are vaporized, instead of burning with open fire. Philip Morris also indicated that 90 percent less dangerous chemicals are being used in vapor compare to a smoke with normal cigarette. The iQOS depends on changeable cartridges of real tobacco leaf to generate a vapor with 500 F degree and it can produce a dozen puffs.

The Company further indicated that iQOS has the capability for shaking the vaporizer market in the United States after its approval. It is currently wrapped in by modular E-liquid based vapors. The iQOS provides an ease for using low cost and dedicated understanding has been considered one of the best combinations in the marketing terminology. It is important that iQOS has done a great business in most of the foreign markets, such as Japan. At least 2.4 percent of the market has been captured in Japan.

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