Will EU be able to Present Perfect Regulations for Drones Internationally?

Will EU be able to Present Perfect Regulations for Drones Internationally?The United States recently switchover on whether people must register their non-commercial UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) with the FAA. China has made it essential to register drones having weight more than 0.55 pounds. These steps have been considered small improvements towards a full-fledged set of regulations for using drone. The Europe has recently taken an important step in this regard. A blueprint of standards has been released by the European Commission. It was proposed in the month of November and it will unify laws across the entire EU and it will be up & running by the year 2019. Currently, drone-related laws vary across the EU countries including Italy, Germany and France. The new measures will build a common low-level airspace named the “U-space” and it will cover altitude of up to 150 meters.

The EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) is currently working with member states and the tech industry in bringing more perfect safety rules by adding the basic aviation safety regulations of EU. The integration of drones into the recent aviation system will also be financed by the European Commission and a group of tech experts will be formed to monitor and present future policy recommendations. The Commission proposed to have the registering systems for drones and drone operators, e-identification and geo-fencing up by the year 2017. This kind of major step in enhancing the legal framework for drones indicates that the EU believes in paying off economically. The EU wants to take a leading role internationally in developing the perfect framework for this market.

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