WEDEW System can provide Drinking Water from Air

drinking water from the airThe Water Abundance Xprize winner will solve some of the more difficult shortages in the world. The Skysource/ Skywater Alliance has collected a prize of 1.5 million U.S dollars for Wood to Energy Deployed Water (WEDEW). This system has the ability to transform air into drinking water using natural resources for power. The major function of this technology is to reassemble clouds using cooling warm air and gathering the rainfall in a tank. Moreover, a biomass gasifier burns wood and other natural material in order to generate essential power for the system.

It would provide an easy way for people keeping WEDEW running in most developing countries. The system is environment-friendly and its output more identical. It uses dead biomass that generates fire and releases CO2. It generates a warm and humid environment supposedly more ideal for collecting water. It produces a form of clouds and can promote plant life using storing carbon. The other alternatives can be solar power and batteries for the system. Most noteworthy, the non-biomass version of WEDEW is already in use. The recent prize would support in developing and launching biomass-powered units with teaming up other non-profit organizations. This system will be more useful in such a place where water is rare or expensive. It will also offer essential relief following a disaster after the unavailability of clean drinking water.

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