Is Your “VPN” Service Working Perfectly?

VPNAs we all know that VPN provides considerable level of privacy with handsome security pocket in various services. At least two weeks have gone and a number of famous VPN providers haven’t yet solved the ‘Port Fail’ problem. A famous VPN provider ‘Perfect Privacy’ informed that ‘We didn’t tested it again after occurring this issue, so we are unable to give any exact statement regarding the number of VPN providers affected by this issue. It indicates that a number of VPN users have been affected with this problem. It is considered a critical situation for those who need security and safety in order to keep their IP address private and secured, and for those who want to use public WiFi safely.

The ‘Perfect Privacy’ advised anyone using the service of VPN should contact support desk of their VPN service provider and ask about it. The Virtual Private Network enables the internet connection to carry encrypted data from your computer to the server of VPN and then the user’s data moves in unencrypted form to its final destination point or a website. This mechanism only shows the IP address of VPN, but not the original IP address of source. Before releasing news regarding this issue on 26th November 2015, the Perfect Privacy analyzed top nine VPNs and found five of them helpless. It is important that only nVPN and managed to change the necessary settings in order to prevent ‘Port Fail’ attacks. But another famous VPN service provider ‘Private Internet Access’ also confirmed that they have fixed this issue.

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