Vega 56 and Vega 64 Graphic Cards will be Launched on 14th August: AMD

Vega 56 and Vega 64 Graphic Cards will be Launched on 14th August: AMDThe Vega 56 and Vega 64 graphics cards of AMD are ready to launch on 14th August 2017 and their potential performance is receiving attraction from rumors. Recent prediction is that Vega might be powerhouse at mining Ethereum and it can be correct, but one shouldn’t be fooled by just prediction. Recently and has reported that upcoming Vega cards of AMD will be available with remarkable Ethereum mining performance. The website further added that Vega cards of AMD might offer will offer best performance at 70-100 MH/s of Ethereum mining and the website mentioned 60 MH/s. Both specs might be attractive, but you will supposedly not stop on these results. A GTX1070 has been considered one of the strongest Ethereum mining options available in putting those results into perception.

It has the ability to mine between 27 megahertz/sec and 32 megahertz/sec. frenzy lineup of AMD offers considerable performance to GTX1070 of Nvidia. Typically, a 100 megahertz/sec mining machine often needs 3 to 4 GPUs. We are hopeful that Vega cards of AMD will perform much better, but not as predicted by the rumors. Recently, AMD has started shipping the Vega Frontier Edition. The latest version of Radeon Software Crimson Re-Live doubled the hash rate performance of Vega-based GPUs. If it is correct, it might push the Ethereum mining performance of Vega chips into the range of 70 megahertz/sec. Nvidia has released a new driver in the recent week and it has the ability to triple the performance of a GPU.

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