Urine Turned into Drinkable Water using Solar-Powered Machine

Drinkable waterThe Belgian University Scientists have manufactured a solar-powered machine. This machine can turn urine into drinkable water. The Scientists have deployed it in central Ghent, Belgium at a 10 day music & theater festival. This experiment produced successful results as the scientists were able to retrieved one thousand liters of additional unused water. This water will be used in making Belgian beer using the urine of a number of participants of the party.

The Scientists were able to pull this off by membrane distillation and it separates at least 95 percent of ammonia from urine. The new retrieved water was collected in big water tank and then heated in a solar-powered boiler. After providing heat to urine, it then passed from the membrane. It divides out the water into two separate elements, potassium and nitrogen. These elements can be used in making fertilizers. The next target is to manufacture bigger versions of these valuable machines at sports venues and airports. The Scientists of the University needs to provide help for rural communities in the most developing countries in the world where drinkable water is a critical problem.

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