The UK and France will Put a Combine Pressure on Internet Companies & Tech Giants

The UK and France will Put a Combine Pressure on Internet Companies & Tech GiantsThe British and French governments are separately making their efforts to limit online presence of extremists. Now, they believe that they can do much better by working together. A joint campaign initiated by the two nations to stop extremists from using the internet as a safe heaven. They are promising to pressurize tech firms and companies into focusing on much better automatic removal tools and to explore the availability of fines and other legal penalties if those tech firms don’t pull offensive material. Experts believe that this joint initiative will put some extra amount of heat on internet companies and tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. It will be more important for internet giants that after the implementation of a policy in one country would more likely to show up in another country.

But, will it show its worth? It is still not clear. These similar tech giants and internet companies have already been collaborating with the government officials in various ways. There are various signs that have been showing their significant amount of progress in finding hate speeches and other extremist materials. So, there is no need to push for a greater action against these internet companies and it is just a matter of time prior to anti-extremist screening gets its efficient marks. There are some limits, so how the United Kingdom and France will be able to push more to these companies. They will not expect Facebook to catch each and every single extremist post with automatic filtering. But, this new partnership might prompt some new changes.

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