Uber will Start Tests for its Flying Taxis in Dubai and Dallas

Uber will Start Tests for its Flying Taxis in Dubai and DallasUber is considering announcing its flying car plans in Dallas. The 3-day summit (Elevate) of the company was regarding to discuss entire elements related to VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) craft and considering it by Uber as a major part of its advanced future strategy. Most of the other announcements were regarding the essential partnerships in turning the Elevate Network into reality. Uber is currently working to launch the pilot programs with the cities of Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai. The Mayor of Dallas Mike and Mayor of Fort Worth Betsy have shown their handsome support in providing the metropolitan area for the 1st experiment with Vertical Take-Off and Landing and Elevate pilot program of Uber.

Point to be noted that Uber also developed its partnership with Road and Transportation Authority of Dubai for further study program in the region in order to work for network optimization and pricing. Dubai will supposedly be the 1st place in attempting the public demonstration and it would be the part of World Expo in 2020. Other partnerships include one with Charge-Point and it will develop Elevate battery charger for Uber. So, the vehicles of VTOL will be able to rapidly move after every landing. Uber is also maintaining partnerships with Dubai’s local real estate companies in order to build more suitable points for vehicle-ports. The company is also dealing with various companies having experience in manufacturing aircrafts already manufacturing electric VTOL vehicles. 5 major companies include Mooney, Pipistrel Aircraft, Embraer, Bell Helicopter and Aurora Flight Sciences.

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