U.S Department of Energy is Funding Tech Giants to build Next-Gen Supercomputers

U.S Department of Energy is Funding Tech Giants to build Next-Gen SupercomputersThe U.S government is providing 258 million U.S dollars for total 6 companies in order to build an exascale supercomputer prior to build by Japan, China or any other advanced tech country. A post on the website of “Exascale Computing Project” has indicated that the U.S Department of Energy has awarded 258 million U.S dollars to AMD, HP, IBM, Cray, Nvidia and Intel in funding over a 3 year period. Point to be noted that above mentioned 6 companies aren’t just depending on the money provided by the U.S government due to they should show that they are also entirely investing in the project. They will cover at least 40% of the total estimated cost. The exascale supercomputer will have the capability in making a billion calculations per second with having the same processing power as the human brain at neural level.

It might change the way of modern research with providing a handsome support in perfect treatments for critical illnesses and to discover mysteries of our planet. The funding from the U.S Department of Energy for Exascale Computing Project will offer a handsome support for hardware, software and application development. For example, the agency needs to create an exascale computer based on “The HP Machine”. The memory-driven supercomputer must have the potential to change data server farms with a single fridge size computer. The major objective of this project is to invoke at least one exascale-capable system by 2021, so the involved companies should work faster and present a functional exascale machine by the year 2020.

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