U.S Army Tested Laser Weapons using Apache AH-64

U.S Army Tested Laser Weapons using Apache AH-64The experiments of shooting lasers from vehicles of U.S military have continuously achieved with another major objective. Its newly developed Laser-equipped fighter helicopter fired lasers at targets for the first time. The U.S Army is also moving towards betterment at nailing UAV targets using ground-based truck lasers, but firing accurately from helicopter has been considered more difficult. It is due to their position varies with airborne conditions and their entire frame vibrates as their rotors spin faster in keeping the entire vehicle aloft. Targeting an object from air is always harder, but the U.S Army just achieved their objective in a series of tests in New Mexico.

The U.S Arms contractor Raytheon doubled a targeting array with HEL (High Energy Laser) system and attached them to the main attack helicopter of the U.S Army, AH-64 Apache helicopters. The White Sands base in the New Mexico was used for those tests and experiments. The Apache helicopters hit targets during various types of conditions with significant amount of altitudes and air speeds. These tests would provide a significant amount of help in the research of vibration factor, dust rotor downwash into their latest laser technology. The U.S Armed forces are aiming tech and one day their armed forces will have the beam-shooting gunships with more efficiency.

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