Testing Rockets Resumed by SpaceX Just After Explosion Incident Last Month

Testing Rockets Resumed by SpaceX Just After Explosion Incident Last MonthThe Falcon 9 of Space X was destroyed in the month of September 2016, but Space X hasn’t yet disclosed the reasons behind this incident. The investigation was initiated immediately to find the causes of explosion and enough time has gone it is far enough to come back to business. Now, the private spaceflight firm said that the primary investigation has completed and now the investigation is in advance mode. The company has shown its confidence that they have planned to resume their testing stage in Texas in a couple of days. The company said that they are hoping to resume their flight operation at the end of this year, but after the submission of report on the complete investigation of September incident.

As far as the explosion incident is concerned, the Space X has indicated that the most possible cause was one of the composite overwrapped pressures generated inside the liquid oxygen tank. The investigators can assumingly point out the problem regarding the temperature and pressure experienced problem during loading helium. Most probably, Space X is planning a handsome improve in the helium loading conditions. The current has been considered much better news for Space X in finding multiple ways. It is very hard to rebuild trust of partners and to reassure the security of their payloads in the future. They will supposedly confirm that this kind of incident will not be happened again and their payloads will not be destroyed in such kind of accidently explosions. So, Space X should confirm that their long-term plans for Mars colonization and manned flights will not be affected by similar setbacks.

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