After Self-Driving Buses & Taxis, Next will be Flying-Taxi

Uber Self Driving TaxisUber has recently announced launching plans for its first fleet of self-driving taxis in the month of August 2016. The self-driving buses of Uber are currently hitting the streets of Helsinki. The company is also looking for its more powerful plans in building autonomous flying-taxi by the year 2017. At the other hand, Nissan christened a solid-oxide fuel-cell vehicle and it has the capability to run on ethanol & water rather than hydrogen. The Bosch also announced world’s most amazing compact folding electric-bike and anyone can pack-down it to fit comfortably in a car trunk. One of the exiting news is that a team of Singapore researchers have developed an advanced flexible concrete. It is lighter & tougher than existing available concrete material.

At least 162 housing units are being constructed by a developer in Germany and this project is considered the world’s largest passive housing complex. The researchers at Stanford have designed a very little rectangle in order to purify water from sunlight in minutes rather than hours. The development in wind-farms and solar plants have been increased everywhere, but all of them still need storage place for energy. Moreover, the U.S Energy Department indicated that the “Holy Grail” for clean energy storage will be available in a couple of years. The UK has recently approved to build the world’s largest wind-farm and the concerning company is developing an integrated solar roof.

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