Why SDM 1000 Processor of Qualcomm is threatening Intel?

SDM1000 Processor of QualcommSnapdragon 850 processor of Qualcomm may be designed for PCs, but it is still under progress. It has been considered an extremely higher-clocked version as compared to previous similar processors. Next time, the company might be more thrill-seeking. WinFuture has collected some details of expected SDM1000 (might be Snapdragon 1000 processor). It was formerly hinted-at CPU and it will be designed from the scratch for PCs. It will have a comparatively an extraordinary design in comparison with the most ARM designs. It will consume 12W of power across the entire system on a chip for a laptop. It might directly contest with low-power Core processors of Intel. A reference design has discovered in import databases and can provide a hint of what is expected.

It might have at least two 128GB storage modules and 16GB of RAM. There can also a gigabit Ethernet and a linked processor design, but these might be for the development purposes of Qualcomm as compared to present in the real world. The next-generation Cortex-A76 architecture of ARM is also expected and ARM mentioned that its overall speed will be increased by 35%, and it will be a challenging point for Intel. It hasn’t yet disclosed that when SDM1000 will be announced by the Qualcomm. It is important that an employee of the company has indicated about working on the above-mentioned chip as Windows Multimedia Project Engineer. Point to be noted that SDM1000 will present a serious issue for Intel because Intel is already concerned regarding ARM-powered PCs. So, this kind of chip will impose a potentially competitive and powerful threat.

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