Samsung and LG to be at Flexible Phones Again this Year?

Samsung Flexible PhoneLast year Samsung and LG introduced flexible smart phones in the market and both of the companies received positive response from their customers. Galaxy Round and G Flex were the name of bendable smart phones introduced by Samsung Galaxy and LG respectively. After looking increasing demand and interest of the customers in these flexible smart phones, LG and Samsung are launching second version of their smart phones this year. Digi Times reported that sources claim that both of the companies are planning to launch their flexible smart phones between September and October.

These bendable smart phones will be launched with 5 inch large display. Market report indicates that the success of Samsung smart phones in the market was due to its large display screen. These smart phones were highly demanded in the Europe as well as in the Asia. Therefore other smart phone companies like Android are also considering large display in their newly launched smart phones. Following are some of the important features of Samsung and LG Flexible smart phones to be launched in September:

ü  Samsung flexi phone with three sided display

ü  LG with QHD 1440 X 2160 screen

ü  510 pixels density per inch

We cannot say that what kind of smart phones they are, whether they will be the successor of last year phones or will entirely be a new thing. The time will decide which smart phone attracts the market. Some people say that three sides are better than one.

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