Robot Waiters will start serving in a Tokyo Café

Tokyo cafe to use robot waitersJapan is moving forward by employing robots in various areas of life. They have introduced self-governing robots performing various roles in a hospital, nursing homes, and schools. Now, a café in Tokyo has been planning to launch robotic waiters remotely operated by people with physical disabilities.

The humanoid OriHime-D robots will start their services at the Dawn ver. Beta café. The robot is 1.2 meters tall and its weight is 20 kilograms. It carries a camera and a speaker, and stream the footage to the PC or tablet of an operator using the internet.

The pilot run of the café is scheduled for weekdays starting from 26th November to 7th December. Ory Laboratory created the robots and planning to open a permanent café using robot waiters by the year 2020 near to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Ory Laboratory also making an addition to OriHime-D by developing a smaller robot and it will be used in telecommunication area in Japan. It will have 600 grams in weight and 21.5 centimeters in height. These robots can move around the offices of at least 70 companies to facilitate employees who are unable to work due to illness or other issues.

The area of elderly care in Japan has increasingly adopted these robots. A number of health-care institutions are taking interest in employing robots in order to help their patients to move. The Japanese Ministry of Economy and Trade & Industry have estimated that the robotic service industry in Japan might reach 4 billion U.S dollars per year by the year 2035.

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