Pentagon is Searching That Who’d be in Charge During Cyber Attack

RTXT2UTRecently there was a cyber attack on the main power station of the United States. The news went viral as all of you know the U.S is still unable to charge responsibilities to the concern department. It could be either Northern Command or  the U.S Cyber Command as both these authorities play a vital role to prevent cyber attacks in the country.

Northern Command has to coordinate with DOD homeland securities, if any, critical situation occurs, but the problem is that there is no proper SOP is set which creates hurdles to overcome the issues before and after the cyber attack, where as the U.S cyber command has their own opinion.

In my opinion dual status commander is the bone of contention. However, it can be helpful during national emergencies, but in normal scenarios like in this case it could create a problem as duel status commander doesn’t give authority over cyber command. According to “cyber guard 15” training experience, this has not proven much helpful in warfare situations.

The pentagon has to admit that the plans are not up to the mark and coordination problem is also there. They have to fix these mistakes sooner than later before the bureaucracy takes it seriously. As we all know that bureaucracy need some time to move on or to take some action. The DoD department is now well aware of its mistakes and there is no more space for the mistake.

The GAO says that this is not a media issue yet. So The Pentagon has some time to cover up all this mess. While we  are discussing the mistakes of the departments we must not forget that the hackers were very smart. As they choose the right target to attack and they know the weaknesses of concern departments very well. In this case the hackers have proven better than the security departments.

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