Parasailing Radar with its Robotic Boat of DARPA Tested

DARPA Radar Test with Robotic BoatNew invention has presented for naval battles and it would become a part of naval fleet in the near future. DARPA has recently tested a new method using a robotic-boat and a radar array with parachute. This has been considered a part of DARPA’s Towed Airborne Lift of Naval System project also known as “TALONS”. This system uses a robotic ACTUV boat as a nest. The radar array has the ability to fly up to one thousand feet and its sensors are more effective compared to be at ship level. Its surface tracking radar range is six times advanced and even a handheld radio has the ability to cover three times to its usual distance.

This new combination involves unmanned warships and they can travel for months, but these kinds of ships can detect easily to potential threats prior to reach in firing range. The boat ACTUV has been considered new invention as TALONS is still at its initial stage. DARPA has planned to transfer it to the U.S Navy after finalizing its demo, but it would need some advancement before participating in combat. It should not be considered another instance of military technology getting years to enter into service. Point to be noted that this test took less than 3 months after its approval, but drone ships haven’t yet planned to join the fleet in the near future. It is important that human-guided ships may fly their radar very soon.

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