Onyx to launch e-ink Smartwatch with Long Battery Life

e-ink Smart WatchNumbers of smart watches are available in the market with the different brand names. Smart watches available in the market have many of the kinks that need to be checked for its better performance but still the tech giants could not figure them out.One of the big kinks in the performance of the smart watches available in the market is low battery life. The battery life of the smart watches available in the market is so poor according to user reviews for these smart watches.

The e-reader specialists have designed e-ink smart watch with the longer battery life, according to initial reports. The smart watch will be launched with the full features of e-ink with the 1.56 inch display. Another problem that smart watch, makers faced in their manufacturing is the sunlight readability. Most of the smart watches don’t work in the sun light and they become totally unreadable. But e-ink smart watch has a unique feature that makes it easily readable in the sunlight. The experts are expecting huge sale and demand for this smart watch from Onyx. The watch will be available in the market in the next few days.

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