The Ocean Cleanup Project to cleanup plastic from Great Pacific

project to remove 88,000 tons of plasticA targeted project Ocean Cleanup Project has started to clean up more than 88,000 tons of plastic floating in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The Project has started on Sunday dragging its Ocean Cleanup System 001 from San Francisco to a test site 260 miles (240 nautical miles) away. The waves and winds push System 001 into a U-design and flow slowly and independently. A 10-feet long skirt hanging below will gather plastic pieces including smallest elements as a millimeter in size. The small boats will then collect captured garbage and move them to seacoast for recycling. It is a 2-day trial and this system will be monitored intensively. It will ensure the system’s functionality without harming plankton and other precious marine life.

The Ocean Cleanup spokesperson, Joost Dubois informed CNN that major functionality of this System is to catch plastic items, not fish. This System will provide an efficient solution to a severe environmental problem. The System will be pushed towards another 900 nautical miles to start its main mission, to clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, after finalizing the trial period. Crew members will stay at the patch for 6-months for monitoring the process. But, they will leave after a specific time period and the System will perform its job independently. It is expected that the Ocean Cleanup Project System 001 extract at least 55 tons of plastic items from the ocean annually. The group also said that 60 systems will be deployed to extract 50% of the garbage patch plastic every 5 years.

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