New Test-Bed for Electric Aircraft Announced by NASA

New Test-Bed for Electric Aircraft Announced by NASANASA has announced resourceful planning for a new research program at the Plum Brook Station at NASA Glenn Research Center Ohio in the next year, in order to achieve its striving target of transitioning aircraft to electric propulsion. This new research would meet NASA’s Electric Aircraft Test-bed and it is also called “NEAT” research program. This new research would allow new space for Glenn engineers of NASA in order to design, develop and test electric aircraft such as the LEAP Tech wing and GL-10 Greased Lightning VTOL. After all, it would not be the initial electric flight of NASA because the first test took place by NEAT in the month of September and they used 600-volt power source for testing an electrical system.

This system would provide a realistic small powered aircraft for one or two persons. The primary target would be to turn NEAT into a flexible test-bed in order to build & test power systems for larger passenger aircraft without crashing any element in the process. The long-term planning would be to build a 20 Megawatt power system with light weight and it would be more powerful to originally get off the ground. Dr. Rodger Dyson from technical lead on Hybrid Gas Electric Propulsion of NASA’s Glenn said “we hope that we are now working to create more effective and light weight system”. He added that we are planning to upgrade the size of these motors in the next year and we will use the similar technology for testing the next High-power stuff.

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