New Technology for Storing Data on ‘5D’ Discs by University of Southampton

5DOn Tuesday, the officials of the University of Southampton’s Optical Research Center declared that they have found a technique that can allow to record data in five dimensions and this data can be stored for billions of years. This method transforms data into a thermally stable disc by using femto-second bursts of laser. The storage media has the capability up to 360 TB/ Disc and workable up to 1K degree centigrade of temperature and can be stored for more than 13 billion years safely. Each of the file contains 3 layers of Niño-scale dots, by side, orientations and their position with 3 standard dimensions of its five standard dimensions.

These dots will be used to change the polarity of light that is travelling via disc which is being read by a microscope and polarizer. It is important that Southampton researcher team basically proved the technology back in 2013. Since their first demonstration they have finalized their recording technique started working in 2013. They have recorded everything of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Magna Carta, Kings James Bible and Opticks. Professor Peter Kazansky the Research Center said that it is adventurous that we have finally created the perfect technology to secure documents and information for our next generation. He added that this technology would secure the final evidence of our civilization and our future generation will be able to know and learn our technologies and researches.

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