New Self-Driving Hardware Announced by Tesla

New Self-Driving Hardware Announced by TeslaMost of the people are looking for Model 3 of Tesla, but they should not wait for more because it will be ready for our future. Tesla has announced that the company has started for its entire fleet to be equipped with all the essential hardware to drive completely on their own, but it will be up to the owner to decide to enable the option. The complete self-driving hardware components will cost an additional 8 thousand U.S dollars. Tesla also mentioned that its each manufactured vehicle will have; 12 updated ultrasonic sensors for 8 surround cameras in order to provide visibility at 360 degree around the car at the range of up to 250 meters in this version. It would allow for detecting hard & soft objects at least double the distance compared to the previous system.

The new system include a forward-facing radar with powerful processing capability in order to provide extraordinary data regarding the inessential wavelength with the capability of monitoring in heavy rain, dust, fog and even the car ahead. The CEO of the company Elon Musk indicated in a press interview that the new hardware has the capability of level 5 autonomy and the foundation is onboard to present complete autonomy. It means that its entire vehicles will drive themselves without taking any input from human driver and it has been considered a major improvement for “Autopilot” because it often needs attention of the driver for taking the control. Musk also indicated that drivers will be able to avail this system by the end of 2017 from Los Angeles to New York City. The important thing is that self-driving vehicles have been considered much better drivers compared to humans.

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