New Method Found by Scientists to Eliminate HIV DNA

New Method Found by Scientists to Eliminate HIV DNAThe HIV DNA from the genome of live mice using a CRISPR system has been sliced away by a team of scientists. It will be too early to assume this method a possible cure, but it has been considered an improvement due to current experiment was conducted on a living animal and it will open up a lot of possibilities. It might be workable on other diseases such as cancer, but scientists have to look for more into it. The research was headed by Neurovirologist Kemel Khalili and the major focus was on the use of gene-editing technique to throw out HIV for years. They effectively removed HIV DNA last year from live mice. The team of researchers used 3 different kinds of mice for experimental purposes.

First type was infected with hidden HIV concealed in its cells. They used a similar type in 2016 in their experiments. The second type was actively duplicating HIV in its system. The 3rd type was implanted with human immune and T cells due to they have hidden HIV in them. HIV can basically hide in the immune cells supposed to kill them. It might be one of the reasons in hard finding cure for the condition. Some anti-retroviral therapies enable HIV patients to live in a normal life, but not perfect. The researchers attached CRISPR system to adeno-associated virus to mention their CRISPR system into mice without being affected by its immune system. It doesn’t often initiate response in the body as compared to other viruses.

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