NASA Has Postponed Their Upcoming Mars Rover Mission

NASAOn Tuesday, NASA has announced that they have terminated their upcoming next Mars Rover awareness mission planned in March 2016. This step was taken after recognizing that it might be incompetent to fix smashing the French-built seismological equipment in the time for take-off rocket. Unluckily, due to the respective orbits of Mars and Earth because they don’t have additional satisfactory equipment for more than two years until May 2018. This issue came forward at the beginning of the month when Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) technicians at NASA found a vacuum leakage in the spherical housing of seismograph.

This equipment dubbed the Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure (SEIS), which is one of the two major scientific equipments of the rover. In spite of the furious determination to restore the problem and technicians from French space agency CNES were not able to stop the leakage significantly. The NASA wants to figure out that how many specific repairs will cost and how much degrading the agency for postponing the mission for more than two years. There is another option that this specific work doesn’t end then all the cost of 425 million U.S dollars would become wasted. The Chief of science at NASA John Grunsfeld said during a teleconference that they are still looking to move forward or to stop it.

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