NASA has Planned to Get Ideas for Deep Space Homes

NASAOn Thursday, NASA has announced that they are looking for the development on the suggestions for deep space residencies. Those homes will be used for astronauts and called it Home on Trips to Mars and for other space missions. This project has considered the second part of public private partnership with NASA, the upcoming Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships. This concept was presented in the month of October last year.

These homes or residences will be the third module plan of NASA for intergalactic exploration. The two initial plans are the Orion Crew Capsule and the new Space Launch System. The both scheduled introductory flights for both vehicles are coming in 2018 and NASA is currently working on its next phase of space trip and needs its astronauts alive until they get hold to their destination. The universities and the U.S nonprofit companies will be able to submit their suggestions and ideas until 15th June 2016, but it is not confirmed that when NASA will declare the winner of ideas.

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