A Moon Found with Midget Planet MakeMake by Hubble Team

makemake-moonA shadowy moon with a charcoal black exterior is orbiting the midget planet “MakeMake” spotted by the Hubble telescope. The Astronomers initially discovered MakeMake in the year 2005, since then this observation is the second brighter icy midget planet after Pluto. The satellite took some time to see and it is 1300 times fainter than its orbiting celestial body. It is very small with estimated measured 100 miles across diameter. Point to be noted that diameter of our moon was measured at 2,159.2 miles. The Wide Field Camera 3 of telescope was used by the Hubble team. It was the similar technique used in finding photographs of satellite in the year 2005, 2011 and 2012 in order to discover the companion of MakeMake and the name was give MK2. NASA indicated that its discovery would provide more details about midget planet such as its density.

Alex Parker from The Southwest Research Institute said that MakeMake was considered the similar to Pluto-like-objects, so companion finding has its own importance. He added that this discovery would provide us new pathways to study about MakeMake with more important details than we found it without the companion. The Astronomers are planning to discover more closely into the satellite in finding its Warm Region on the surface of MakeMake along with its icy shell. They also looking to observe its movements and a tight orbit describe the production of collision, and a wide describes that it was taken from the Kuiper belt. MK2 is considered just like satellite of our Earth and orbiting was happening with MakeMake for billion years.

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