MIT & IBM Team Up to Enhance Sight & Sound for Artificial Intelligence

MIT & IBM Team Up to Enhance Sight & Sound for Artificial IntelligenceIndependent robots and other artificial intelligent systems still not providing better job of understanding the world around them, but MIT and IBM are thinking that they can do much better. They have started a “Multi-Year” partnership in order to enhance the ability of artificial intelligence to clarify sight & sound including humans. IBM will supposedly provide expertise & technology from its platform of Watson cognitive computing and MIT would provide research. It is too early, but they have a sense to accomplish the tasks. One of the major challenges would be a more advanced method for recognition and prediction.

IBM said that humans have the ability to mention easily that what they experienced in an event and to predict for upcoming events, but it is virtually impossible for current artificial intelligent systems. The AI system is the ability to quickly memorize and forefeel events. It can be useful for a number of things such as health care workers can take care for repairing complicated machines. Most experts predicted that there is no guarantee the MIT and IBM will be able to find out solution of a problem pointed out by Google, Facebook and many other academics. Anyhow, there are few chances that scientists will be able to get access such kind of technology. You may find some breakthroughs, but not practical for teams having limited use of AI friendly code and hardware.

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