Microsoft got FIDO2 Certification for Windows Hello

Microsoft got FIDO2 Certification for Windows HelloThe ability of Microsoft of a password-free future is not too far and it is just one step away to become a reality. The company has obtained official FIDO2 certification for windows Hello (biometric authentication system of windows 10). The certification is for the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (Windows 10 version 1903) which is scheduled to be made publicly available in last quarter of May. Windows 10 users can use Windows Hello to access their devices via a fingerprint or by facial recognition on their PC.

The group manager for Microsoft’s crypto, identity and authentication team in Azure Core OS, Yogesh Mehta announced the Windows Hello FIDO2 certification in a blog post. He explained the company’s reasoning behind trying to do away with passwords. Mehta said, “People don’t like passwords because we have to remember them. As a result, we often create passwords that are easy to guess, which makes them the first target for hackers trying to access your computer or network at work”.

Microsoft has indicated that users will be able to sign in using Windows Hello to its number of apps and services including Outlook, Office 365, Skype, OneDrive, Cortana, Xbox Live on PC, the Microsoft Store and many more. Now Windows Hello has gained FIDO2 certification. Users can expect to see FIDO Certified logos on new Windows 10 PCs. The Windows 10 1903 FIDO2 certification will also extend beyond Microsoft’s software and users will be able to log into their Microsoft Account and to other FIDO-supported sites from Mozilla Firefox. Windows Hello authentication will also be coming to the company’s Chromium-based Edge browser very soon.

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