Michigan Scientists Developed a Laser Using Human Blood for Treatment

Michigan Scientists Developed a Laser Using Human Blood for TreatmentOur scientists have brought your childhood sci-fi dreams into reality. The researchers at the University of Michigan have technologically established a medical observation laser and used human blood as a major element. The team of researchers shined a laser into a small hole full of dyestuff mashed blood, they found that they have the ability to process using laser light according to their requirements. They were able to empower the laser light to intensify small alteration in cell activity and filter it to decrease background noise. Most of the current techniques merge dyes with infrared or visible light, it creates more difficulties to spot small differences.

It is not the first time that biological laser was used to achieve targets. In 2011, Harvard used kidney tissue and proteins for a laser experiment. Michigan also worked with gelatin and chlorophyll. But, this major and advanced achievement will specifically be more helpful for most of the doctors. It would provide a much better job for tracking changes in cells and tissues in a body. Most of the surgeons will also be able to use it to spot at sharp edge of a tumor. It would provide a significant help to remove each and every bit of cancer. Moreover, the blood laser is more dreadful because using extraordinary material can save more lives.

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