Mantle of Earth to be Drilled for the First Time by the Scientists

Mantle of Earth to be Drilled for the First Time by the ScientistsIt is amazing that we will be able to know about more secrets of Earth’s crust if Icelandic volcano of Jules Verne wasn’t an invention of his inspiration. The “Chikyu” is the largest drilling ship of JAMSTEC (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology) and a group of international researchers has planned to use “Chikyu” for the first time to drill into the mantle of the Earth. The team of JAMSTEC will manage a 2-week introductory study in the waters off Hawaii in the month of September 2017. They will select one of the other options in the waters off Costa Rica and off Mexico if the location doesn’t work. All the mentioned locations are in the ocean due to the continental crust is double in thickness in the oceanic crust.

The drilling from Chikyu will go through 2.5 miles of water and 3.7 miles of crust in order to reach the mantle of Earth. It would make up at least 84 percent volume of our Earth. It has been considered a silicate rocky shield that streams gradually and affects volcanic activity including the movement of tectonic plates that generates earthquakes. A partial funding is being provided by the Japanese government for this project with hopes that it would present much better ways to predict the surface experiences. Most people know that the country has experienced a number of strong ones in the past couple of years. The team of researchers will also investigate the boundary between the mantle and oceanic crust to find out the crust formed. The scientists are hopeful that drilling will be started by the year 2030.

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